Monday, 18 May 2009

kamoshika - japanese deer

looking for a nice spot to do yoga, i found this beautiful deer...ok so a little different from what we usually expect of a deer, but he was so cute, and apparently shortsighted!
*I checked the dictionary, this is a Japanese Serow: a goat-antelope with short, sharp horns, long, coarse hair, and a beard, native to forested mountain slopes of SE Asia, Tawain and Japan.*


roughterrain crane said...

Astonishing! We have to climb a high mountain to see Kamoshika. He is in the ox family, so the shape is a little different from Nihon-jika. You are very very lucky. I've never seen this special nature treasure.

Anonymous said...

That's because it's an antelope not a deer! Coincidence! We were driving through Zao yesterday and saw one at the side of the road just staring at us. In the 3 seconds it took me to get my camera out, it had bloody run off!

I've finally finished my earth oven. Check out for a few pictures. You'll have to come up for pizza and bread at some point!


Anonymous said...

All the time I was over there I never saw one of these. And the people I knew at the time never mentioned them. I don't suppose they were in the area as it was still not that long after the bombing stopped. It is indeed curious and almost reminds me of a goat. Are they protected?

Hyde DP said...

this is a nice place to do yoga?

エスタ said...

well, yoga, not exactly here, there are lovely places near by. yoga in mountain air is wonderful. as for the...(i looked it up) Japanese Serow (a goat-antelope) no not protected, no reason I think. I have seen them a few times, but never when I actually had my camera in my hand!

FunkyChicken said...

Cool! And Japan!!!

Looks cute!!

You were lucky to see that!

Zannnie said...

wow, what a great capture! it has a cute face ;)

Zsolt & Zannnie