Sunday, 13 January 2008


i arrived in japan for the first time on 13th of january 1999, and my most vivid memory was waiting for someone to come and meet us at narita airport was cold and we were when we found a vending machine selling hot cans of sweet milky tea you can imagine our was delicious!! japanese really do love their soft drinks you can get all kinds of teas, coffees, soups and juices hot and cold... quite a luxury ☆


Pat said...

Nice memories you have of your arrival back in 1999. You've stayed a long time. Do you count this now as your permanent home?


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Anonymous said...

I like tea too but when I was there it was made much like it was here. A teakettle was kept on the hibachi and the water was always steaming hot. If you wanted tea they went through a small, short, ritual in pouring the tea and stirring it with a short wooden brush much like a brush men used to use to brush shaving soap on their faces. Those were the days when my head was about to explode from smelling too much hibachi carbon monoxide fumes.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Esther!!
I miss you!


Ming the Merciless said...

I love those stuff too.

When I was in Singapore last summer, I found this tea milk mix that comes in individual serving size packets. All you need is a cup of hot water.

Came back to NYC and found them at Chinatown supermarket.