Thursday, 27 December 2007

man makes mountains....

42 story apartment block in a valley of low mountains, the sales point is the great views....

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Anonymous said...


I thought you had disappeared as your posts stopped on the Beet Root soup and stayed there a long time. Saw you are back and looked at your photos and enjoyed them all.

The last time I was in Tokyo, on my own time, was in 1954; and found a car from Ohio with a 1954 Ohio license plate on it and took a picture.

Tokyo was then a nice city but big and lots of noise. Dirty too or more dirty than other cities. Lots of prostitutes plying their trade; amid sumo wrestlers just strolling about followed by gangs of kids. Not many cars or traffic but the street lights worked and people seemed to obey them.

Anyway. Glad to see you are back.

And the white cats reminded me to say that a Japanese cat or dog cannot understand English. LOL