Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Walking on Fire

This is the year before my unlucky year and so I was told, time to walk on fire to be purified and prayed for at the local temple. All my badness cleaned with the smoke of burning bamboo.


pennyblack said...

YAY! i'm your first comment. shanti star - good choice of name, i like it. and nice photos! i'm going to add you to my side bar under favorites. so get postin.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Hi Esther,

don't know if you get comments written on old posts. It is quite amazing to me that you did a firewalk. I am just curious to know a few things - is this a Shinto ritual? did it hurt? did you change after the firewalk? I mean are you more confident or bold in some way that you were not before, or do you view life slightly differently? Sorry if some of this is personal.

If its more convenient please write to


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